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Sephiroth Sword Masamune 68"

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Overall Length: 65"

Blade Length: 47"

Handle Length:18"

4/8" blade Thickness

Same guard as in Advent Children

Cloth Wrapped Handle

Weight 2.18 KG

Free Display Stand

Free Scabbard

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

More about: Sephiroth Masamune Sword 68"

Masamune is the great katana that is wielded by Sephiroth, the main antagonist character in final fantasy 7. Has a great destructive power type of sword. In Japan, The swords of Masamune have a reputation for superior beauty and quality, remarkable in a period where the steel necessary for swords was often impure. Sephiroth Masamune Sword 68" also called Sephiroth Sword and Masamune Sword. This Decorative and Uniquely designed sword features 47” blade length that is 4/8” in its blade thickness. The handle length is 18” and wrapped with a cloth. The overall length of this Sephiroth sword is 65”, constructed with high-quality stainless steel. This item weighs 2.18kg. It comes along a free scabbard and an amazing stand for display. This sword is perfect for a final fantasy game lover. If You want to buy this Amazing Sephiroth Masamune sword so Grab Now. You can also Purchase other swords of Sephiroth like Sephiroth's Sword Mini Edition.

Perfect for Price!!!:

This Masamune Sephiroth Sword is exactly as described. It is of strong material and has a nice blade and cloth wrappings on the handle. It is perfect for practice. It is neither too heavy or too light and is well balanced to give a good feel. It is perfect for my final fantasy collection. I will want to buy this sword again in the future!!!

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