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Sephiroth's Sword Mini Edition

Delivered within 6-8 days!
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Blade Length: 30"

Handle Length: 10"

4/8" Thickness

Same guard as in Advent Children

Polished Blade

Cloth Wrapped Handle

Free Display Stand

Sword Weight: 1.52 KG

Free Scabbard

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

More About: Sephiroth's Sword Mini Edition

Masamune, also known as Masamune sword is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. It is usually one of the most powerful katanas or swords that has recurred since the original Final Fantasy 7. Masamune is the signature weapon of Sephiroth, an oversized Japanese Nodachi that is said to be the only one able to effectively use it, Sephiroth wields the Masamune across all of his appearances throughout the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. This Decorative and Uniquely designed sword features 30” blade length that is 4/8” in its blade thickness. The handle length is 10” and wrapped with a cloth. The overall length of this Sephiroth sword is 65”, constructed with high-quality stainless steel. This item weighs 1.52kg. It comes along a free scabbard and an amazing stand for display. This sword is perfect for those people who want to experience the amazing Sephiroth's journey along with a great Katana Masamune Sword. You can also Purchase other replicas of Sephiroth like Sephiroth Sword Masamune 68".

Perfect in Size!!!:

This is a very professional sephiroth sword. I purchased two (one as a gift). I am happy with my purchase, the size of the sword is perfect because swordsplanet provided exactly that size who I wanted. I’m giving it 5 stars because it is nice and was delivered quickly.

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