300 Movie Swords

The Spartans 300 Movie was based on the Battle of Thermopylae that holds nearly 100,000 to 150, 000 Persians, it is a  victory of about a few brave men that holds their ground against a larger opponent using their weapons. Spartans used 300 Sword for saving Persians' life, they also used Spartan Shield in this War. In 300 Movie, almost all of the  Persian 300-man militia relating to the  Persian army defeated Sparta. King Leonidas was the leader of Sparta that was an aggressive state within Greece. The Persian Empire invaded nearby areas and Greece arrived. King Leonidas after hearing this, killed the messenger who brought the news, through which a bad relationship between the Persians and Spartans began. As they were preparing to stop the Persians, a physically handicapped person calls for help but King Leonidas does not want to put him in danger, and for that reason, he refused to join the militia, that disabled person informed Spartan's plans for the Persian people to gain a level of gold, women and Persian fame. The Spartans, the Persian army made their way to a major war, using techniques such as building a wall of dead Persian bodies and complex Spartan wars. Instead of fighting a good battle, three hundred Spartans were at last defeated and died at the hands of thousands of Persians.

300 Movie Swords

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Achilles Helmet

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Material: Bronze Plated Steel

Overall height with hair crest: 15"

Width: 7"

Depth with hair crest: 15"

Wooden Lacquered Display Stand Included