Dirilis Ertugrul Swords

Dirilis Ertugrul Swords are a real medieval sword type, a well-known range of the collectible swords. During the earlier centuries, The Great Seljuks and the Ottoman Empire had used those handmade swords in the known battles. Many of which got blood grooves on. The Yataghan is a famous one of the high-quality swords. Ertugrul sword replica, the real sword that the founder of the ottoman and the father of Osman used in the 13th century are up for sale. These swords are the exact replicas as the sword that Ertugrul used against his enemies. All of these perfectly handcrafted swords are especially for the Pakistani fans and are the best pieces to complete your swords collection.

Dirilis Ertugrul Swords

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Ertugrul Sword Replica

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Price $161.00


 Overall Length 35"

 Blade length: 30"

 The blade is Unsharpened.

 High-Quality Stainless Steel.

 Brass Handle.

 Leather Scabbard.

 Wooden Display Stand.

Turgut Axe

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Price $169.00


Overall Length: 30.75”

Handle Length: 23.00”

Blade Length: 7.75”

Handle Material: Wood

Blade Material: Carbon

Comes with Faux Leather Sheath