About SwordsPlanet

Swords Planet is Brand name of B-Source Company for marketing & selling Swords, most of our swords & knives are manufactured in Pakistan & China.

SwordsPlanet.com is proud to bring you the most popular movies/Video Game swords and prop replicas available on the net. Find swords from movies like Lord of The Rings,  300 Spartans, Eragon, Gladiator, Troy and Video Game Swords like Buster Swords, Keyblades, Agent Bloodraynes, Devil May Cry, Legend of Zelda and much more!


Whole Sale

SwordsPlanet is also a wholesale distributor company that deals with manufacturers directly which allows you to get merchandise wholesale for as much as 70% less than product retail price. We buy wholesale in large quantities which allows us to receive merchandise at incredible discounts and pass the savings onto you.

When buying wholesale products from Swords Planet, you have the following benefits.


  • Quality Assurance
  • Payment Guarantee
  • No Hassle of sending payments to China & Pakistan.
  • No Need to search vendor from thousand of Vendors list.
  • No Minimum Quantity Restriction


Our Contact Information


You can contact at Whatsapp:  +1 929 330 6666  

Business email address:sales@swordsplanet.com

By Standard Mail:
7507 Saffron Court, 
Hanover MD,21076 
United States