Keyblade Replicas

Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts are the mysterious weapons that are greatly featured in the popular Kingdom Hearts series. Swords Planet is proudly offering best replica items including the Sleeping Lion, the super amazing Fatal Crest, the most popular Kingdom Key D, the classic Fenrir keybladethe great Oblivion Riku Sword, Kingdom Hearts Way to Dawn, the unique Oathkeeper, One-Winged Angel, and the mesmerizing Soul Eater Riku Sword and many more. These products are perfectly forged with authenticating details and classy designing, giving it a unique and sleek look. If you are a kingdom hearts fan, you are surely in the right place. These superb collectibles are a great add on to your collection.

Keyblade Replicas

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Sleeping Lion Keyblade

5 Review(s)
Price $129.99


Overall Length: 37"

Blade Length: 27"

Material:  Stainless steel

Handle measure: 10" long

Comes With Display Stand & Leather Sheath

Shipping Weight:~4.3 K

Item Weight:~2.4 Kg

Fenrir Keyblade

6 Review(s)
Price $114.99


Overall Length: 42.5"

Blade Length: 30.5"

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Handle Length: 12''

Comes with Display Stand

Item Weight:~2.82Kg

Fatal Crest Keyblade

7 Review(s)
Price $110.50


Overall Length: 37"

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Zinc handle

Blade Length: 28.5''

Comes with free display stand


Oblivion keyblade Riku Sword

5 Review(s)
Price $90.76


Overall Length: 40"

High-quality Stainless Steel Construction

Handle Wrapped with cord

Accurate painting detail with stencil

Comes with free Display Stand (if available)

Item Weight:~2kg