Squall Leonhart GunBlade Sword with authenticate details
  • Squall Leonhart GunBlade Sword with authenticate details
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Squall Leonhart GunBlade Sword

Delivered within 6-8 days!
In Stock


Overall Length: 38"

Blade Length: 27"

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Comes with Display Stand & Leather Sheath

Item Weight:~1.9Kg

Shipping Weight:~3.1

More about: Squall Leonhart GunBlade Sword

The Squall Leonhart Gun blade Sword measuring an overall length of 38’’ was wielded by Squall Leonhart in the popular Kingdom Hearts video game. Squall Leonhart is the main character in the Final Fantasy and a supporting character in the popular Kingdom Hearts who used this gun blade while doing combos with his friends and defeated Chaos. It features an unsharpened blade that is 39’’ in length. This amazing product weighs 1.9Kg with a shipping weight of about 3.1Kg. It comes along a leather sheath and a stand for display. We, swords planet, sell this Squall Leonhart gunblade replica sword at an affordable price, so if you want to purchase, order now. You can also buy the popular Lionheart Gunblade Replica.

Superb Finishing!!:

One of the best things that I ordered!! I am very excited with my Squall Leonhart Gunblade sword, its such an amazing cosplay piece to be a superb addition to my collection!! Fantastic product and craftsmanship, it looks awesome and nicely designed :D Very Pleased!!

Highlight :

It arrived earlier than expected!! All of the pieces fit very closely. This Squall LeonHart Gunblade Sword is truly a huge blessing and the highlight of my day :D pretty cool and awesome

Super Fascinating!:

Ohhhh My!!!!! It's Awesome!!! just loving my Squall Leonhart Gunblade Sword, you guys are great, the gunblade is exactly the same you showcased in the pictures, Its long blade with the revolver is soo good, I feel like Squall the hero WOWWW!!! Definitely a 5 Star!!!


100% Perfect one to order!! This Squal Leonhart Gunblade Sword got the most amazing quality, it shipped quickly. A really beautiful revolver sword that finally completed my cosplay and looks stunning, I'll most likely order a second one soon!!

Scarlett Davis

Loved The details!! The overall prop is amazing, super easy to assemble and very well designed. Got my Squall Leonhart Gunblade sword order today, the shipping was quick, the packaging was absolutely fine and the product was flawless!! Will definitely go for more products.

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