Lionheart Gunblade Replica ,constructed through high quality material
  • Lionheart Gunblade Replica ,constructed through high quality material
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Lionheart Gunblade Replica

Delivered within 6-8 days!
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Overall Length: 37"

Blade Length: 27"

Handle Length: 10"

Free Leather Sheath

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Includes Keychain Lionheart Isignia on the hilt

Weight: 1.85 KG

More About: Lionheart Gunblade Replica

The Lionheart Gunblade Replica, measuring an overall length of 37’’, comprises a blade of about 27’’, along with a 10’’ firm handle, weighing 1.85Kg. As the name suggests, this product is a gun and sword combo that is uniquely designed and is considered as the strongest gun blade in the Final Fantasy game series. It features a high quality, stainless steel Blade. It consists of a shiny and sharp blade along with the hilt that has a gun implanted to it. Its shaded blue colored blade with dark blue edges and lighter blue in the center makes it one of the most impressive ones among other gun blades. Squall Leonhart's strongest gunblade has an amazing lion symboled emblem on the blade giving it a majestic look along with a silver and black mix colored handle, modeled in lion shape from one side and an extension of the wing from another side as seen extended from top incorporated with a beautiful lion keychain on the hilt. It comes along a free black colored leather sheath, made to cover the brilliance of the superb blade. You can also buy a variety of gunblades like  Squall Leonhart GunBlade Sword and Squall's Gunblade Revolver sword.

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Just Wow!!!:

The best thing I got so far!!! This Lionheart Gunblade is an amazing piece for my cosplay, Item arrived quickly despite the pandemic, it's a lovely well-made gunblade!! So excited to add it up into my Final Fantasy products collection!! Must to Buy Product!!!

Super Happy !!:

My Item arrived timely despite the pandemic, it's a lovely well made LionHeart Gunblade Love the hilt!! would recommend to any Gunblade fan out there, I feel so excited leaving a review !! :) Happy with the product!!!!

Just Awesome!!!:

Loving my new Lionheart Gunblade Replica,I wasn't sure that it will be delivered so early on time, due to the COVID-19 situation, but I am super amazed to see how well you guys managed everything. The gunblade is super awesome, loved the stainless steel blade, feel like Squall itself,, Sooooo GoooooD!!!! I will definitely buy more !!

Incredible Details!:

Just loved the details, It is exactly the one I was expecting, this Lionheart gunblade replica is very well detailed, its uniquely shaded blade is so eye-catching!! I've wanted a gunblade since I was a little girl so I was super excited to find this item at such a great price. Amazing store!! I will surely plan to get more stuff.

Bella John

Wow! First of all,the blade of this superb Lionheart Gunblade replica was impeccable!The product was very well constructed with stainless steel,the overall product was perfect for my needs! I’d give 6 stars if I could! It was just flawless!

Detailed sword:

It came a week earlier than I expected and it came with a stand for the sword. The detail is amazing, and fairly light.

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