Fenrir Keyblade with beautiful blade design
  • Fenrir Keyblade with beautiful blade design
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Fenrir Keyblade

In Stock


Overall Length: 42.5"

Blade Length: 30.5"

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Handle Length: 12''

Comes with Display Stand

Item Weight:~2.82Kg

More about: Fenrir Keyblade :

The Fenrir Keyblade, measuring an overall length of  42.5", appeared as a video game sword in the kingdom hearts video game series. Fenrir Keyblades, unlike all the other Keyblades, takes on the aspects of a pin tumbler lock key, induced with fine bandages that praise the base of the blade making it similar to the famous Cloud's buster sword. It features a non-sharpen, decorative blade that is made with high-quality stainless steel material acquiring  30.5" length that is forged to perfection. Kingdom Hearts 2 Fenrir keyblade comes with an amazing Zinc guard and pommel along with hard, wooden 12 inches firm grip handle, wrapped in faux leather that has little pearls affixed to it. A beautiful chain is attached to the rear of the handle, which is pivotal to all the other key blades giving it an amazing glance. It comes within a sleek-styled stand for an attractive display.

phenomenal !!:

My new Fenrir Keyblade is completely worth the money and time it took I absolutely love it and will be making another purchase from here!! If you're wavering on whether to purchase from them or not, do it! It's an amazing looking prop,truly phenomenal keep up the great work :D

Arrived Promptly!!:

Great product!! Came well protected, my Fenrir Keyblade Looks so stunning and feels really sturdy!!. One of the best purchases I ever made. It arrived promptly, I recommend this hands down to all the Keyblade fans!! Very impressed with the quality and timeliness for shipping!!

The Best I could Get!!!:

The Fenrir Keyblade is commendably the best thing that I got after so long, the keyblade is superbly designed, just love the stylish blade cut. The most amazing thing that I liked about this is the bandaged look on the blade,that's something extraordinary!! Will shop more Soon!!!

Highly Satisfied!!:

I'm honestly surprised and impressed! Great size and detail of this Fenrir Keyblade, It looks exactly the same as shown in the pictures. Love the material they have used, I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan which pushed me to order this product and I am 1000% satisfied with this keyblade,,Will surely recommend it to my friends!!!

Must to Buy Product!!:

Very fast in delivery, really easy to assemble and pretty cool and awesome


This keyblade is awesome! It's about a yard long and feels like solid metal. Nothing about it feels like it's cheaply made.

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