Beautifully styled Kingdom key D Sora Keyblade
  • Beautifully styled Kingdom key D Sora Keyblade
  • king mickey keyblade available for sale
  • kingdom key d replica,constructed with 100% high quality material
  • cosplay-king keyblade display stand for a great decor

Kingdom key D Sora Keyblade

In Stock


Overall Length: 39.5"

Stainless steel tube handle 

Come with Display Stand

Item Weight:~1.6Kg

Shipping Weight:~2.9Kg

More about: Kingdom key D Sora Keyblade :

Sora, the leading character and defender of the realms in the famous kingdom hearts video game series is the Key blade wielder. He had the strongest connection to the Light and was even stronger than King Mickey. Sora on a journey with his friends obtained his weapon called a key blade that resembled a chainsaw. The famous Kingdom Key D Sora Key blade measures an overall length of about 39.5", weighing 1.6Kg. Its shipping weight is about 2.9Kg. It features a stainless steel tube hilt that comes along an amazing stand for display.

Designed to Perfection!:

Very high-quality print and easy to assemble.Love the size and weight of this Kingdom Key D. Very impressed by the chain on the end. It’s beautifully designed and Mickey's head is shaped to perfection. Its a 100% must buy product!!!

Bob Ray

I am a huge Sora Fan, I recently got my order delivered and it was just BANG ON!!!! what a great quality product, exactly the same as I was expecting!! Holding this Kingdom Key D feels like I am Sora and I rule the Kingdom Hearts world!!!! Feels Soooooo Gooood!!!

Beautifully made:

This piece is absolutely amazing! Beautifully made, nice and sturdy. Every detail right down to the display is top notch. I’m so in love with it. Would definitely purchase something else from this seller.

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