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Caliburn Sword Fate Stay Night Saber

Delivered within 6-8 days!
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Material:FRP(100%)(Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic)

Duration: 14 working days

Size: 49"

Weight: About 1Kg

Packaged Weight:3Kg-3.5Kg

Without Sheath

More About: Caliburn Sword Fate Stay Night Saber

Perfectly designed Caliburn makes its appearance in the Fate/stay night game when Emiya Shirou starts tracing this holy sword in the Fate route during his fight against Berserker. When Shirou traced Caliburn in the storyline, he used it to strike a joint blow against Berserker along with Saber. This heroic thrust was apparently so powerful that it killed Berserker seven times, thus depleting Berserker's stock of lives (see God Hand) and defeating him. Because God Hand nullifies attacks below rank B, and because weapons that Shirou trace are lowered by one rank, some fans reason that Caliburn is at least rank A. This Fate Stay Night Saber Caliburn Sword replica is made of PVC. FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics)is a kind of synthetic resin, and it has the following characteristic properties: lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance in highly acidic environments, high plasticity, and other advanced characteristics. You may also lookup for our special edition of Orta Black Saber Alter Sword

Very high quality!!:

Got the package in the time frame that was provided. Everything looks like it does in the Fate Stay Night Saber Caliburn Cosplay Sword and is very high quality!! Loved it!!

Absolutely Love it!:

Its a master piece in my opinion. I love it, my favorite sword of all time!

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