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Fate Excalibur Sword Of Avalon

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Material:FRP(Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic)

Overall Length:126cm

The Length of Sheath:98cm

Weight of Sword & Sheath:3.15KG

More About: Fate Excalibur Sword Of Avalon

Perfectly designed 126cm Fate Excalibur Sword Of Avalon, the most popular fantasy swords from the Fate Stay Night series, is up for sale. This Excalibur makes its appearance in the Fate/stay night game. This Fate Stay Night Saber Excalibur Sword replica is made of FRP material. FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics)is a kind of synthetic resin that makes it lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance in highly acidic environments, and highly plastic. It comes along a sheath that is 98cm in length. The weight of this  Avalon Cosplay sword & Sheath collectively is about 3.15KG. You may also like to grab another Fate Stay  Night sword like Orta Black Saber Alter Sword for your collection.

Epic Gift!!:

Wow! Fate Stay Night Saber the most epic gift I will ever give! Great quality for the price, fast delivery, and just all around a special item. Thank you so much!!

Awesome quality on the swords!:

Awesome quality on the swords! They feel extremely sturdy and the quality is unbelievable for the price!

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