Zack Buster Sword from the popular Final Fantasy series
  • Zack Buster Sword from the popular Final Fantasy series
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Zack Buster Swords

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Overall Length: 44.5"

Blade Width: 8.5"

Blade Length: 33"

Comes with free mild Leather Sheath or Display Stand (if available)

Sword Weight:~4.6 Kg

More About: Zack Buster Sword

The zack Buster Sword is very popular among fans of the Final Fantasy Game Series. The Buster Sword was originally the property of Zack Fair's mentor. Zack Fair's mentor was Angeal Hewley. Zack wielded this sword after Cloud's death and worked hard for the Shinra Company to become a great hero. This amazing Buster Sword features a 44.5" decorative type blade with 5" width, constructed with high-quality stainless steel. This Zack's Buster Sword weighs 6kg with a shipping weight of about 6.5 kg. It is a beautiful piece for Cosplay and Home Decor. This amazing Zack Cloud Buster Sword comes along a firm leather sheath and a stand for display. If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy video game and want to buy Zack Sword, then you are in the right place because we offer the Zack Sword replica at reasonable prices. You can also buy related products like Mini Buster Sword and Buster Sword Crisis Core.

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Awesome for the Price:

I purchased this Zack sword for a costume. The size is perfect, and it looks great. The blade is constructed with high-quality stainless steel. It's a very shiny, good weight. My Friend was super impressed when he saw it and ultimately loves it. We are very pleased with this purchase, and I definitely recommend it.

Authentic Quality!!:

The Most Authentic In Quality and Design, Faithful to its Originality from the Final Fantasy 7. Absolute Gorgeous Zack Buster Sword was worth the Buy. Excellent detailing on the sword. During this COVID-19 Situation, they still manage to order my package on time. Thank you very much!! 10/10 would buy again! ✨

Durable Product!:

I really like the zack buster sword. Perfect!! Exactly what I wanted and expected! Great craftsmanship. Amazing Product and really well made. Durable and Great communication with the vendor. I would definitely recommend!

well crafted!:

This zack buster sword is beautiful. The craftsmanship on this weapon amazed me; it looks real. Great as a prop and looks exactly like in the game ;) Shipping was fast and no problems :).Item looks really good and the staff very professional and kind.

Really well made!:

The sword is heavy! (Clearly real stainless steel) It looks really great and similar to the FFVII Cloud sword. Assembles well and instructions are good.

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