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FFx-2 Paine Sword

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Blade Length: 28"

Handle Length: 12"

Blade Width: 3”

Weight: 1.65 KG

Free Display Stand

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

More About: FFx-2 Paine Sword

FFx-2 Paine Sword, also known as Paine's Sword, is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy x-2 series, being wielded exclusively by Paine. It is a hybrid of a sword and a katana, as it lacks a traditional sword's cross-guard and has a curved blade of a katana, a skull adorning the base of the blade. This amazing Paine Skull sword features a 28” long single-edged blade that is 3” in its width, constructed with high-quality stainless steel. This uniquely designed sword of Paine has an overall weight of about 1.65 Kg, Handle Length is 12”, and made for professional use. This x2 skull sword comes along with a free stand for display purposes. You can also purchase other weapons of Paine like Final Fantasy Paine Sword.

More About: FFx-2 Paine Sword

Best part of my Collection!!:

Absolutely perfect Paine sword from FFX-2! It's made a great product for my Swords Collection! Thank you! Really good quality. I really wanted to buy this sword but I don't know from where to buy, then one day I visited this store i saw they are providing this sword. Highly recommended!!!

Amazing Product!!!:

I received this great Paine Sword which I never thought I would want. But as soon as I put the order, I got so excited, just what I wanted. It looks really good. Received it fast & was very happy with it. Everything about the sword is amazing!!!!

Great Quality:

Great quality. Was expecting a cheaply made sword that would break easy and have paint come off but mine is almost as strong as a real sword and the paint has not flaked at all. Would buy again.

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