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Excalibur Crusader Black Sword

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Overall Length: 48"

Blade Length: 35"

Blade Steel: Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Handle Material: Cast Metal Gold Finish

Comes with a free display wall plaque

More about: Excalibur Crusader Black Sword

Excalibur is by far the most famous sword in Medieval European history. This was not the sword drawn from the stone, but another sword given to Arthur by the Lady of the lake. It is interesting to note that Excalibur was not the original name of the sword but came around from French Romancers. The original name was Caladfwlch from the ancient Welsh language meaning Hard Lightening. Later the name became Caliburn and finally what we know today as Excalibur. This sword was inspired by the legend of Arthur and his enchanted sword. The sword is expertly crafted with fine attention to detail and the delicate design on the guard and pommel. This is perfect for collectors and medieval enthusiasts. The blade of the sword is stainless steel unsharpened. Along the ricasso of the blade is a Celtic pattern running into the ridge. The point of the blade is sharp. The Plaque of the sword is wooden and will hang on your wall. The guard of the sword is solid steel with Gold Finish on either side of the crossguard. The guard is delicately patterned with vines and dragons. The handle of the sword is steel Gold Finish and wooden pieces for the grip and leather coverings. The handle ends in a solid steel pommel with two lions in the center and scrollwork around the rim. The blade is non-sharp with a length of 35 inches. The overall length of the sword is 48 inches. You may also wanna have other King Arthur’s Swords like the stunning King Arthur's Excalibur Gold Sword and Excalibur Sword Of King Arthur Gold.

Dawn Adam
Well- Made!!:

This Sword is absolutely beautiful! So happy with Excalibur Crusader Black Sword!! The quality of the Product material is amazing. A real masterpiece of art!! Very happy to purchase this sword!! thanx!

Best in performance!:

It has a strong handle and a good steel blade. My friend has had it for 5 month's now and it's still not dead.

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