Anime Swords

The Anime world is so full of Japanese characters and their gadgets. We have anime lovers almost everywhere around us who are hooked on to their favorite anime characters and their magical weapons. But among all weapons, the anime swords look the foremost breathtaking and appealing. It’s not as if these shows are for teenagers only, people of all ages watch anime shows and series and fall crazy with them. Our superb anime swords are made from the most effective materials and appearance exactly just like the real swords. They are the replica of the important ones in terms of styles and appearance also. To satisfy the demand of individuals, we are selling a huge range of Anime Swords including the superb Kuna Mashiro Bleach Sword, replica Wado Ichimoji Katana, stunning Ichigo Bankai Sword Wooden and many more at our Online Store. All the Anime Swords purchasable present on our store are made up of high-quality stainless steel with realistic details. Don’t forget to avail our stunning and superb anime swords!!

Anime Swords

عامل التصفية النشط

Samurai Sword Set

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السعر 97.00 US$


Tanto: Short Sword

Overall length: 21.5"

Blade length: 11"

Wakazashi: Medium sword

Overall length: 31"

Blade length: 18.5"

Katana: Long Sword

Overall length: 39.5"

Blade length: 26.7"

Yumichika Ayasegawa...

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السعر 98.00 US$


Overall Length: 34.5"

Blade: Splits From One Blade To Four Blades!

Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel

Handle: Replicated Ray Skin And Black Cotton Wrap.

Includes Custom Hardwood Wall Plaque.

Zangetsu Sword Shikai

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السعر 110.00 US$


Overall Length: 42"

Blade Length: 32"

Blade Width: 4 1/2"

Blade Type: Non-Sharp DecorativeStainless Steel

Full Tang Construction

Cloth wrapped handle with streamer

With Display Stand

Wado Ichimoji Katana

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السعر 66.00 US$


Overall Length: 40"

Blade: Two Tone Black Over Silver

Blade Material: Stainless

Steel Handle: Red Nylon Wrap

Includes Hardwood White Finished Scabbard

With free Katana Display Stand