"Zabuza Sword"
  • "Zabuza Sword"
  • "executioner's blade"

Zabuza Sword

199.50 US$
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Overall length: 41"

Blade width: 4.5"

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative stainless steel

With free leather sheath and display stand

More about: Zabuza Sword

The Giant Anime Zabuza Sword inspired by the world-famous Naruto Anime Series. This massive sword carries its roots in Japanese history and it still remains popular around the world. This Giant blade was said to be used by Mangetsu Hozuki, who mastered all seven swords. Zabuza Sword is known as the Executioner Blade due to its massive size and wide blade. This sword shows up in anime, Manga, and Video Games series. The Z Sword, as it is called, is all metal meaning no plastic or wood. It’s a shape having a circular hole and a semi-circle near its handle which makes it an effective tool for beheading. The Z sword is made up of 440 stainless steel and has a 48" overall length. Item includes a free black leather sheath. Apart from this, we are also offering an Ichigo's Zangetsu Wooden Sword that may interest you.

Irene Jason
High-Quality Product!!!:

Wow!!! Beautiful high-quality Zabuza Sword. the packaging is very tight and amazing, the sword itself is perfect and very sharp, also crafted nicely. It is great for Cosplay. the sword is outstanding in my opinion, I'll recommend it to everyone...


This sword is absolutely beautiful! So happy with Zabuza Naruto Sword!! A real masterpiece of art!!Very happy to purchase this sword!! ThanXx!


It's an amazing realistic cosplay sword. The designs on it and the scabbard are very detailed. I would recommend if you are into the sword you will not be disappointed. I bought Zabuza Naruto Sword for my friend and he loved it!! Thank you!!

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