Buster Swords

Buster Sword is a great iconic and famous weapon, projected by its unique style and massive look, having a detailed and perfectly forged blade that is constructed with 100% high-quality stainless steel. Swords Planet offers the best high-quality range of the popular replicas from the Final Fantasy series, classified as an enormous broadsword. This amazing product is Cloud Strife's trademark weapon, who was a first-class soldier character and was wielded before him by Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley. It serves as a superb iconic image for Cloud and the Final Fantasy VII. Our Swords Planet offers an amazing variety of products including the great FF7 Advent Children Sword, Cloud's Mini Sword, Cloud Sword, Fusion Sword, the popular Zack fair Sword, and the amazing  Wooden Mini-Cloud Sword. If you are a huge Final Fantasy fan, you are surely in the right place to order.

Buster Swords

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Mini Buster Sword

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السعر 96.94 US$


Overall Length: 40"

Guard is 4 1/2 inches wide and blade length is approximately 30"

Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Comes With Display Stand & Leather Sheath

Item Weight:~2.0 Kg

Shipping Weight:~ 4.0 Kg