Medieval Swords

The Swords used in the middle ages (5th-15th Century) are the Medieval Swords. Originated from the simple design of Spatha, Medieval swords were considered the most advanced technology throughout medieval times. These swords were the primary weapons of knights in that era. At the start of the middle ages, a double-edged slashing sword was used but as time passed it yielded into a stronger diamond-shaped sword. In the tenth century, new technology was introduced that allowed the hardening and tempering of steel. This resulted in a sword that was many times tougher than swords resembling the spatha. There are many types of historic medieval swords replicas that we offer, each having its own importance like the stunning Falcata, superb Flamberge Rapier, Barbarian Spiked Club, and a whole range of historic weapons of which the Medieval sword enthusiasts often find themselves get attracted due to their historic importance.

Medieval Swords

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Flamberge Rapier Sword

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السعر 155.00 US$


Overall Length: 44"

Blade Length: 36.5"

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Handle: Wire Grip Surrounded By Twisted Steel Guard

Handle Material: Steel

With free display wall plaque

With custom leather sheath