"Shinso Zanpakuto Gin Ichimaru Katana"
  • "Shinso Zanpakuto Gin Ichimaru Katana"
  • "Bleach Gin Ichimaru Katana"
  • "Shinso Katana"
  • "Gin Ichimaru Sword Replica"

Shinso Zanpakuto Gin Ichimaru Katana

280.00 US$
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Overall Length: 41"

Handle Length: 11"

Blade Length: 27.5"

Scabbard Material: Wood with High Gloss Blue and Black Finish

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

With a Free Display Stand.

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The perfectly designed 41’’ Shinso Zanpakuto Gin Ichimaru Katana from Bleach is one of a kind from the popular anime series. Bleach Gin was the captain of the 3rd division in the Gotei 13. This sword is an exact replica direct from the anime including the custom hilt and crossguard. It is featured with a superb blade that is 27.5’’ in length along with an 11’’ handle, The scabbard of the sword is wooden with a high gloss blue & black liquid finish. The black cotton sage-o is tied around a wooden Kurigata. The Koi-guchi is a black bull horn to match the katana color. The blade is factory sharp and is made with 440 stainless steel. It comes along a free stand for display purposes. If you are a fan of the Anime Series, you should surely go for one of the anime katanas like the Wado Ichimoji Katana!

Sandra Alan
Great experience!!!:

Shinso Zanpakuto is an amazing product. Beautiful craftsmanship!! Attention to detail is fantastic and I was honestly blown away on how good it looks. Truly a great Sword! Thank you! Recommend To all Anime swords fans!!!

first-class sword!!:

This sword is so awesome and amazing!!.I want to say that the sword looks absolutely stunning. Definitely I would recommend for this Bleach Gin Ichimaru Katana and would buy one again. Thanks!!

Gorgeous blade!!:

It's perfect!It's how much amazing than I expected, beautifully made, and the attention to detail is spectacular. I like katana sword but Bleach Gin Ichimaru Katana is so awesome. We will definitely be ordering again!

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