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Pumpkinhead Keyblade Replica

149.00 US$
متوفر حالياً


Material: PVC

Proportion: 1:1

Size: 38"

Weight: 1.0 KG

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The famous Kh2 Halloween Town Pumpkinhead Keyblade is a 37” lengthy keyblade, weighing 2Kg along with a pumpkin head that appeared in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. This black, electroplated keyblade is given to Sora after locking the keyhole of the Halloween town by Jack Skellington that gives it a dark satin coating. This featured keyblade of Sora is a welded steel key with a pumpkin head that is induced with a steel chain constructed with 440 high quality, 26.5" stainless steel blades which are finely crafted with PVC material. This stunning piece incorporates a proportion of 1:1 that is hand-painted with flawless details. It features a batwing handle that is about 8’’ in length, having a perfect finishing touch painted with beautiful silver stripes along with an orange lead-free paint pumpkin head. If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts and want to buy Pumpkinhead Keyblade, you are in the right place. Order now and get it your amazing keyblade. You can also buy other Keyblades such as Fatal Crest Keyblade or Oblivion Keyblade Riku Sword.


This pumpkinhead keyblade is the best I could find, it looks already amazing in the pictures and still...my expectations were surpassed. The material, the details, the size and the colours - everything is perfect!!! Love It!!!

Outstanding Service!!:

This Pumpkinhead Keyblade arrived surprisingly on time and early too!! It is exactly as it was described,you did a wonderful job making it for me. Plus the details are exactly the same.I love it so much!! I’m going to bring it to MegaCon Orlando with me this year. Again thank you very much for the this amazing product.I’ll definitely shop from you again someday soon. So for your outstanding service, A+++++++!!!!

Gorgeous Cosplay!!:

Gorgeous, gorgeous cosplay piece!!! Thrilled to have it in my collection. The paint is vibrant, and the build is solid. It's very sturdy also.It's great for cosplay photos and a great prop to get if you need one at a great price!Nice to hold and as a display piece,very pleased with the item. Super fast shipping. Thanks!!I Love everything that is made from this shop..It arrives fast..extra neat and sturdy!!

Good Quality:

Good quality replica weapon, overall it looks good hung up on a wall.

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