Ultima Weapon Keyblade Replica available for sale
  • Ultima Weapon Keyblade Replica available for sale
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Ultima Weapon Keyblade Replica Kh2

240.00 US$
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Material: PVC

Proportion: 1:1

Size: 38"

Weight: 1.0 KG

More about: Ultima Weapon Keyblade Replica Kh2

The Ultima Weapon Keyblade Replica Kh2 is the strongest weapon in the popular Kingdom Hearts movie series. This version of the Ultima Weapon is strongly similar to the Dream Sword but is wrapped in an ornate gold grillwork that is in a pattern resembling the fish bones. The massive and strongest keyboard typically appeared in the Final Fantasy series featured with a glow of amazing blue and white on the blade along with a golden handle. It retains a crown and heart keychain with a beautiful crown induced at the tip of the blade. Ultima weapon keyblade possesses 38" size overall with a proportion of 1:1 weighing 1.0 KG. It is constructed with high-quality Polyvinyl chloride material. You can buy Ultima Weapon Keyblade Replica Kh2 at an affordable price, order now. Furthermore, you can also buy other versions of Keyblades like Fenrir Keyblade or Sleeping Lion Keyblade.

So Realistic!!!:

Very nice details on the printed pieces too, I just got this Ultima Weapon Keyblade today and it's fantastic. Assembly is easy, the quality is fantastic.Arrived safe and in great condition. This one looks so realistic in relevance to the game❤️!!!.definitely coming back to this shop

Handy to have!!:

Very handy to hold!! Loving my Ultima Weapon Keyblade !!! Always wanted to have one, its a dream come true!! I feel like a hero holding this beauty!! Very Impressed!!

Wonderfull Quality!!:

Wonderful! My Ultima Weapon arrived in perfect condition and the quality of this prop is beyond what I expected!!! Easy to put together and looks stunning!! I cannot wait to show it off at my upcoming conventions!! Keep up the good work,will shop again!!

Amazing Store!!:

Arrived fast and decently packed!!! This strongest Ultima Weapon keyblade came in quicker than I expected! Very classy and happy the pieces were the exact beautiful color as the original keyblade. Overall great store and great skills!


I love them I only bought them because when I was a kid I always wanted one. And know that I’m older and I can spend my money where I please I am super satisfied with how they look!

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