Stainless steel FF7 Buster Sword
  • Stainless steel FF7 Buster Sword
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FF7 Buster Sword

149.00 US$
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1 1/2 inches thick when assembled.

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Item Weight: ~5.0 Kg

Shipping Weight: ~ 6.5 Kg

More About: FF7 Buster Sword 

The FF7 Buster Sword is one of the popular buster swords that first appeared in the Final Fantasy as an icon of anime and later in  Kingdom Hearts as a bandaged sword design. It is wielded by Cloud, a first-class soldier character in the video game series. This amazing buster sword features a 32’’ long single-edged blade that is  5’’ in its width, constructed with high-quality stainless steel. This uniquely designed Advent Children Multi-Blade Buster Sword has an overall weight of about 5.0 Kg that is quite heavier and made for professional use. This item is 1 1/2 inches thick when assembled, having a shipping weight of about 6.5 Kg. It incorporates a firm handle that is 11.5’’ lengthy. This buster sword comes along a free stand for display. If you want to play the role of Video game character in upcoming cosplays, then buy the final fantasy advent children buster sword replica from our website. Apart from this Final Fantasy series, we are also offering a cloud buster sword Replica, and many others.

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Excellent Product Material:

I Love this Buster Sword Advent Children. Received sooner than expected, well made, and looks great! Excellent Sword Material and Craftmanship. I Would definitely be Recommended to all Final Fantasy Fans!!!

Great Quality!::

Amazing advent children Buster Sword! Great quality. It was a gift, got it delivered to the office and I opened it there and everyone in the office was very impressed. I am much excited to show this sword to my friends. Overall the material quality is very astonishing and I'd like to buy it again.

Best Collection Ever!!!:

I Bought this Buster Sword as an anniversary gift for my husband. He absolutely loves it! It's on display in our living room. thank you I will be ordering from you again!! This is going on the list of some of the coolest things I've bought.i will highly recommend this store.

Superb Choice!!:

Yipeeee!!! I just got my FF7 Buster Sword and it looks incredible.Amazed to see how efficiently they managed to deliver products in such a global pandemic situation. Greatly impressed with the services..!!!! Thank you, keep up the good work,,Will definitely buy more stuff!!

Highly Recommended!:

This FF7 Buster Sword is fantastic and better than I expected! If you’re looking for a sword used by Cloud Strife, I highly recommend this. Everything about it is so authentic and I appreciate fast shipment. It’s also a great gift to anyone who loves Final Fantasy!

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