Zodiac Sword of Aries

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  • 45" Overall
  • 34" Blade
  • Stainless steel
  • With Custom Made Leather Sheath

More about: Zodiac Sword of Aries

In the sequel, the Zodiac sword of Aries resides in the Cave of the wind, just south of North Window. When Neclord appeared again, in an attempt to overrun the South Window area with his undead forces, Viktor confronted him in his own destroyed hometown and resolved that he needed the Zodiac sword once again to defeat Neclord. Upon arriving at the Cave of the wind, Viktor is confronted by Kahn Marley, a vampire hunter with a vendetta against Neclord.

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I'm a huge fan of Zodiac Sword of Aries so I ordered it and have to say this is a beautiful product the details are really good, also the shipping was extremely fast got to be less than one day lol. My overall rating for this is a 5 star I am truly impressed with everything on this product , I'm truly happy to have this part of my collection

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Beautiful and at a great price :)

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