"Zodiac Sword Aries"
  • "Zodiac Sword Aries"

Zodiac Sword Aries

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49" Overall

37" Blade

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Stainless steel

With Custom Made Leather Sheath

More about: Zodiac Sword of Aries

Originally this zodiac sword is related to astrology as it is known that Aries is the real constellation of the Zodiac. Some of the cultures and traditions are attached to these types of astrology stars. However, astrologers are still unable to give the exact dates of the beginning and the ending of the astrological cycle. This Zodiac Sword Aries measuring an overall length of 49’’ is offered with a stunning 37’’ blade handle that is beautified with the Chrome finish. The double-sided blade of this Aries sword is a fantasy style blade constructed with high-quality stainless steel. It is featured with a superb white gem, cast metal pommel having cast metal guard material. Comes along a free mild leather sheath with new pack leather wrapping. You may also go for our special edition of Giant Vampire Sword to enlighten your swords collection.

Truly Impressed!!:

I'm a huge fan of Zodiac Sword of Aries so I ordered it and have to say this is a beautiful product the details are really good, also the shipping was extremely fast got to be less than one day lol. My overall rating for this is a 5 star I am truly impressed with everything on this product , I'm truly happy to have this part of my collection

Five star!:

Beautiful and at a great price :)

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