Final Fantasy Cutting Trigger Functional Gunblade

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Outstanding Cosplay!!:

Received my Cutting Trigger Gunblade today, it's truly fascinating!!! Gonna be a blast when I'll show it to my fellow mates :D I find myself wanting to remake the rest of my cosplay to match its great quality!!! I would give it a 10/10!!! Superb you guys!!!

Super Awesome Blade!!:

OMG!!! Sooooo Goood!!! loving my newly ordered Cutting Trigger Gunblade, I'm super satisfied with the purchase!!! The Gunblade is superbly designed and packaged as a cutting sword making it look more vicious.!! I will definitely shop more..!

So Incredible!!:

Got my amazing Cutting Trigger Gunblade today, the blade looks so great!!! It's superbly styled with a firm handle having a comfortable and strong grip, just loved the details...!!!!! Loved it!!!

Very Impressive!!:

Soooo excited, I received my order today! Glad I got this master replica of cutting trigger functional gunblade, its absolutely fabulous!! Arrived really fast and looks just like in the photos! Really Impressive!! Thank you Will shop again!

Nicole Heintz
So Fascinated!!:

Very pleased!! Great quality product. Cutting trigger Gunblade is all you need to order.The Functional operation is undoubtedly my favorite part about it.It works so well by pulling the trigger, causing the cylinder to revolve and resultantly hammer fires,I feel like the character itself!!! So Fascinated!!

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