• Lionheart Keyblade Sword

Lionheart Keyblade Sword

129,99 $
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  • Overall Length: 38"
  • Stainless Steel
  • Gunmetal Gray
  • Comes with Display Stand
  • Item Weight:~2.1Kg
  • Shipping Weight:~3.5 Kg

More about: Lionheart Keyblade Sword
The Lionheart Keyblade sword is gunmetal gray, and is designed to resemble Squall/Leon's Revolver Gunblade. The blade's teeth and the keychain's token are both designed after the Griever necklace that Squall wears. This keychain is in fact present on Squall's own Gunblade. The Keyblade's name is based on the Lionheart, which is Squall's ultimate weapon.

This is amazing!:

Loved this Wonderful quality keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. I am so overjoyed and can't stop looking at it. Beautiful and durable. Arrived on time too ^.^ I’m so happy with this product! I will definitely be buying from here again. :) Worth every penny!!

Great as Expected!!:

It arrived earlier than expected, and all of the pieces fit very closely. My sleeping lion keyblade is truly a huge blessing and the highlight of my day when it arrived. Con season may be canceled due to Covid-19 for now but when it's back I can't wait to cosplay Noctis with this! Exactly as ordered and amazingly done.Very pleased.!!

Amazing Design!!!:

Exactly what I was looking for, the ultimate Sleeping Lion Keyblade, its probably the best that I can get!!! they have used great material, it's so comfortable to hold and move around, its classy design fascinates me the most!!!

Love this Store!!:

Thankyou Swords Planet!! This is the 3rd keyblade that I ordered from this store. Got my Sleeping Lion Keyblade today, the shipping was too quick and the package was perfectly maintained, the material was very well constructed, I love this store so much!! They have got such great stuff, looking to buy more soon..!!

Perfect Condition!!:

Exactly as ordered and amazingly done!! I got this Sleeping Lion Keyblade for my brother as he is a great Kingdom Hearts Fan and he absolutely loved it!! Shipping was quick and the package was in perfect condition as well. We are very pleased!! Highly recommended!! The beauty of this keyblade cannot be hidden!

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