• Fantasy Weapon Hyperion Gunblade

Fantasy Weapon Hyperion Gunblade

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  • Overall Length: 37"
  • Blade Length: 27"
  • Material:  Stainless steel
  • The handle measures 10" long and is made of stainless steel with hardwood inlay.
  • Comes With Display Stand & Leather Sheath
  • Item Weight:~2.4 Kg
  • Shipping Weight:~4.3 Kg

More about: Fantasy Weapon Hyperion Gunblade

The Hyperion Gunblade is a recurring weapon:  a fusion of the Sword and Gun, thus the name "Gunblade".  have changed these weapons to work as both a gun and a blade, although they seem to be more of a gun with blades on them, rather than a sword with a firing mechanism.

The Gunblade was the weapon of choice for Squall and his rival, Seifer Almasy. It was a sword with a fire mechanism, such as a pistol, or revolver, which serves as the hilt for the blade.


I love it!! Came promptly and with no issues. I received my order today and I couldn't be happier! My new Seifer Gunblade turned out so beautiful!! Thank you SO SO MUCH.Thrilled with the quality and customer care!!

So incredibly spectacular!!:

Freaking awesomeness!!! I'm so happy. I received my Seifer Gunblade today and I couldn't be happier! Absolutely outstanding work! Love the craftsmanship.Very pleased with this order.Thumbs up!!!

Loved the Blade!!:

Woahhh!!! Just loved my Seifer Gunblade, holding this beauty I just feel like Almasy itself, the blade is very well crafted and the details looked flawless, highly impressed by your service, will definitely buy more..!

Jackson Ray
Super Fast Delivery!:

Ordered this amazing Seifer Gunblade 2 days before and got it today, the delivery was super fast, loved the quality of the material they used!! this functional product was exactly the same I saw in the pictures, It was way beyond my expectations!! I just Loved it!!

Ella Johnson
Extraordinary Great!:

The best I can recommend to anyone is this great Seifer Gunblade from Final Fantasy!! I ordered this for gifting it to my friend as a birthday present, got my order today and it was bang on!!! I feel like I'm on top of the world, loved the functional part of it, the details were extraordinarily great, the product was excellently designed, Highly recommended!!

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