• Skull Collector Steel Wire Wrapped Sword

Skull Collector Sword

109,00 $
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  • Overall Length: 45"
  • Blade:17"
  • Blade Steel Wire Wrapped Handle
  • Comes With display Plique

More About: Skull Collector Sword

Skull Collector Sword is a beautiful piece for display and collectors. The blade is the first thing you notice. It has a textured Acid Etched finish, semi polished. Its difficult to describe, but looks VERY COOL. Pictures dont really do this blade justice.

Perfectly Balanced!!:

Thank you for such a beautiful Skull Collector Sword! It is perfect. Love the design, the ergonomics of the grip, it’s modern but inspired by history, perfectly balanced Great!!

High Quality:

Very impressive large, heavy, and very nicely detailed. Very high level of quality for the price point.

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