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Boromir Sword Replica

In Stock


Blade Length: 30-3/16"


Blade Thickness: 1/4"

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Comes with Wall Plaque

More about: Boromir Sword Replica:

The Boromir’s Sword was wielded by Boromir, an exceedingly valiant and steadfast warrior who was known in Gondor for his greatness and esteem of fighting men of different nations. It was featured in the great Lord of the Rings movie series. Boromir contemplated the Ring at the Misty Mountains. The popular  Boromir’s Sword is a single-handed sword featuring a wide fuller running almost to the tip of the blade, with the elegantly twisted and curved cross guard that ends in beautiful brass-ringed caps, matching wide pommel of the sword. The blade has a length of about 30-3/16" along with 1/4" thickness, weighing 1.74KG. It comes along an attractive wall plaque for display.

Really Well Constructed!!:

It looks really good and you can feel that it is high quality I was very happy when it arrived. This is a REAL Boromir Sword, especially for the price. I’ve bought a lot of swords online, some that claim to be real and “battle-ready”, but most of them have been fake or just not well constructed. I was really surprised and happy when I had a close look at this sword. I love it.

Beautifully made!!:

I bought these for my son, as Boromir Swords, and he loves them! They are beautifully made. Gorgeous feel in the hand and beautiful craftsmanship!

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