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Gimli's Axe LOTR

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Overall Length: 37 3/4"

width at axe11 1/2 

Non Sharp Edges

Solid wood handle with leather wrapped grip

cast metal fittings with antiqued brass plated finish.

with free wall plaque for display.

More about: Gimli's Axe LOTR:

The Battle Gimli's Axe Sword was wielded by Gimli as his "Great Battle Axe", he was a well-respected dwarf in the great Lord Of The Rings trilogy. He had the fellow members of the Ring, and he willingly did fight alongside all the elves in the war against Sauron, who ruled the land of  Mordor. Gimli favoured the axe and carried a variety of the weapons all around his travels. This short double-headed battle axe with an overall length of 37 3/4" is the longest weapon used by the dwarf that incorporates a long, hard wooden handle with a solid leather-wrapped grip along with a single axe-blade with non sharpen edges at the top. The straight metal shaft on the blade gives it an amazing look which induces firm metal fittings with shiny altered brass plated finish. The Axe is beautifully crafted with the head length of 11-1/2" each and thickness of 3/8''.It comes along with free wooden silk screened wall plaque for display.

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Killer Battle Axe!!:

I gifted this to my wife for her graduation, and she loves it. It's sturdy and the blade is well constructed. I was very surprised at how well-made it is! It legitimately is a weapon that is so beautifully crafted it is a collector's piece to put up on the wall. I LOVE IT.

Perfect Gift!!!:

This just arrived & is the perfect gift I was searching for... they are beautiful & sturdy. I am very pleased! I have gotten a ton of compliments from friends when I show them this Battle Gimli Axe. The Axe is wonderful, incredibly well made, full of details, and faithful to the original!

Great work!:

Great work! If you're just looking for a battle axe prop, it works great for that too! Five stars would have been given if it looked a little more realistic.

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