Fantasy Swords

Welcome to our wide selection of fantasy swords. No swords collection is complete without at least one quality fantasy sword. Fantasy has become a famous genre in films and stories. Individuals who love this genre are looking to find top quality fantasy swords, which replicate their ideal heroes and characters they are carrying in such films or stories. The collectible fantasy swords are of the highest quality and they look very awesome and beautiful too. Replica fantasy swords are normally heavier. Many of these interesting types of swords are used in several fantasy-oriented movies. We offer the superb, high-quality fantasy blades like the stylish Spanish Rapier, the stunning Medieval Chopper Sword, the Prince of Persia Weapon, and many more, and these swords here have fantastical elements in designs, making them unique and majestic.

Fantasy Swords

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Open Mouth Dragon Sword

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Price $135.00


Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Non Sharp Decorative

Scabbards Fiber glass

Scabbard throats are steel dragons

Detailed scene imprinted into the handle

With free display stand