Sora Keyblades Small 30.5
  • Sora Keyblades Small 30.5

Sora Keyblades Small 30.5"

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  • Overall Length: 30.5"
  • Stainless steel tube and Zinc handle
  • Comes with Display Stand
  • Item Weight:~1.1Kg
  • Shipping Weight:~1.8 Kg

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The Sora Keyblades is depicted as a classic skeleton key approximately 30.5" long, with a long silver keychain extending from the hilt, and a Hidden Mickey token on the end of the keychain. The blade and teeth of the Keyblade are silver, the rainguard is blue, and the hilt is gold. The teeth of the Keyblade form the outline of a crown which matches the crown charm Sora wears.