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Auron's Sword FFX

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Blade Length: 29"

Handle Length: 10.5"

Handle: Leather wrap

Weight: 1.8 KG

Free Display Stand

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

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Auron’s Sword FFX is the Signature weapon of auron that is used in Final Fantasy x. Auron is a legend among the people of Spira. Ten years ago, he helped Yuna's father defeat Sin. Now he lends his power, his mind, and his unmatched experience to Yuna's pilgrimage. Auron Katana Sword has a beautiful intricate design to it. This uniquely designed sword features 29” is blade length, that is 10.5” in its width, constructed with high-quality stainless steel. The handle of the sword is wrapped with a leather sheet. The weight of this auron’s sword is 1.8kg. This sword is perfect for those people that want to look like Auron, the lead character. This sword comes along a display stand. If you want to purchase it then place your order and you can also buy other weapons of Auron like Auron Beastmaster sword FFx.


Love it!!:

Love it !! this Auron Sword one is the right size Got one previously from somebody else. Attention to detail is fantastic and I was honestly blown away on how good it looks. The sword looks absolutely amazing. Truly a great sword! Great Packaging work, would recommend. Will be buying from again Thank you!

Gorgeous katana:

This is the very first sword that I've ordered from Handmade Sword... but it will not be the last. This is a gorgeous katana. A real work of art. When I first saw this sword on the site, it kind of called out to me.

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