Oblivion keyblade
  • Oblivion keyblade
  • Oblivion keyblade
  • Oblivion keyblade

Oblivion keyblade

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Overall Length: 46 1/2"
Type: Non-Sharp Decorative
Stainless Steel
Comes with Display Stand
Item Weight:~2.5
Shipping Weight:~4.5

More about: Oblivion Keyblade

Oblivion Keyblade with an overall length of  46 1/2" is similar to the Kingdom Key in terms of shape weighing 2.5Kg. Character Riku was the only one who was able to wield the Oblivion Keyblade on its own in the popular Kingdom Hearts video game series- The Key blade has an amazingly detailed painting, beautified with a stencil. In kingdom hearts, this Key blade reminded Sora many childhood memories with Riko. Sora got this keyblade in a chest . It's token is a dark black Sora’s crown version along with an amazing longer reach. The keyblade comprises a  hilt guard formed in two bat-like wings enlarged downward. The Oblivion's blade is hollow and non sharpen with a chain passing through the gap. The handle is firm, wrapped with fine cord. The blade is constructed with stainless steel material with a shipping weight of about 4.5Kg. It comes along a stand for display.

Everything is perfect!:

The keyblade is the best I could find, it looks already amazing in the pictures and still...my expectations were surpassed. The material, the details, the size and the colors - everything is perfect!

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