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Turgut Axe

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Overall Length: 30.75”

Handle Length: 23.00”

Blade Length: 7.75”

Handle Material: Wood

Blade Material: Carbon

Comes with Faux Leather Sheath

More About: Turgut Axe

Turgut Axe is that axe from the famous Turkish series called Dirilis Ertugrul. it's Turgut Alp's axe. it's very sharp and sturdy. The general length of the axe is 30.75”, made with wood and steel. It's inspired by the important character Turgut Alp' axe from history. The name of Turgut Alp was given to the İnegöl region after his death and it had been called Turgut-ili. With this axe, he was a legend and hero who fought bravely within the war fields. The Handle length of the Turgut Alp axe is 23”, constructed with wood. The carbon blade length is 7.75”. you'll have it as for the decoration otherwise you can use it for cosplay. This Alp Axe of Turgut Comes with Leather sheath for Axe protection. We are also Offering the Heroic Ertugrul Sword Replica from the popular Dirilis Ertugrul series.