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Fantasy Functional Gunblade Revolver Sword



  • Overall Length: 42"
  • Blade Length: 31"
  • Blade Type: Non Sharp Decorative Stainless Steel
  • Includes Keychain Lionheart Isignia on hilt
  • You can pull the trigger and cylinder revolves and the hammer fires!
  • Come with Custom Leather Sheath & Full Length Table Display Stand
  • Item Weight:~2.0 Kg
  • Shipping Weight:~4.0 Kg

More aobut: Fantasy Functional Gunblade Revolver Sword

The Fantasy Functional Gun blade Revolver Sword, measuring an overall length of 42’’,is a Squall Leonheart gun blade sword weighing 2.0Kg. Squall, a brave hero and fighter of the Kingdom hearts video game series uses this revolver gun blade while performing combos and helped warriors to defeat the evil forces of Chaos and saved the Squall’s Planet.It is a featured  non sharpen, stainless steel blade with 31’’ length that is long and beautiful in its look.The Fantasy Functional Gun blade is a bit heavy weight that is designed mainly for professionals ,weighs almost about 2 Kg’s.This sword is finely constructed with high quality stainless steel material along with Lion heart Insignia hilt.Moreover,underneath the hilt is attached a Griever keychain giving it an amazing look.Its shipping weight is 4.0 kg. This gun blade comes along a custom leather sheath and a stand for display.

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