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  • Auron Beastmaster Sword  for sale
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Auron Beastmaster Sword

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Blade Length: 26.5"

Handle Length: 16"

Weight: 2 KG

Balde with Red Color

Blade Type: Non- sharpe Decorative

Free Wall Plaque

More About: Auron Beastmaster Sword

Auron beastmaster sword is an ultimate weapon in the final fantasy x series. Auron is an icon among the people of Spira. Ten years ago, he helped Yuna's father overcome Sin. Auron Beastmaster Sword ffx, though called a katana, actually appears to more closely resemble a nodachi or even the fictional Zanbatou. This Beautiful Auron sword features a 26.5” Non-Sharp Decorative red blade that is 3” in its width, constructed with high-quality stainless steel. This uniquely designed ffx auron beastmaster sword has an overall weight of about 2 kg, with a wooden handle that has a length of about 16”, made finely with a firm leather wrap for a comfortable grip. This auron weapon comes along with a free wall plaque to help beautify your wall. Our store also provides other products of Auron like Auron Beastmaster Sword FFX.

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fantastic professionalization!!!:

I love it!!! I had brought it to my friend but I think I’ll buy another one for me ☺️ the color is GORGEOUS! More than I expected. This item is super cool! I'm so happy about this. The quality is amazing. The fantastic professionalization is fantastic. The order shipped quickly. I will definitely order again.

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