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Fusion Sword Replica

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Material: FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic)

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Proportion: 1:1

Total Length: 130cm, 52 inches approx.

Weight: 4 KG

More About: Fusion Sword Replica

The Fusion Sword Replica is a special 6 in 1 blade sword having 130cm length with 52 inches approximately that is featured in the great Final Fantasy series. This buster sword is made with fine FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) material that has impact resistance, strength, stiffness, flexibility, and ability to carry loads. This amazing Fusion sword has a total number of about 6 blades that get them to lock together to form the great FF 13 Real 6 Blade Buster Sword, just as it was in the series. Each blade is featured with a great full tang and finely equipped with high carbon stainless steel material. The blade is featured as a non sharpened and decorative type material with a proportion of 1:1. This final fantasy fusion sword product is about 4 kg, formed in a manageable and ease of comfort manner. Except for the Fusion Buster Sword, you can also buy a variety of buster swords like FF7 Buster Sword. Feel free to visit our other replica sword categories.

Barbara R
Amazing Collection!!:

This Fusion sword is perfect for the display or cosplay Purposes. I Purchased for my son's room! Better than expected, and the Material is amazing! shipped timely. This sword is the best part of my Swords COLLECTION.

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