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Shirasaya Sword Set Wooden

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Tanto: Short Sword

Overall length: 21.5"

Blade length: 11"


Wakazashi: Medium sword

Overall length: 31"

Blade length: 18.5"


Katana: Long Sword

Overall length: 39.5"

Blade length: 26.7"

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A Shirasya is a wooden Japanese sword consisting of a scabbard and hilt. Shirasaya is known for its wooden scabbard which was made of Nurizaya wood. These swords were traditionally made Japanese swords worn by the samurai in feudal Japan. We offer this sword set including display, matching scabbard, silver cartwheel tsubas, red string wrap, and non-live silver stainless steel blades.

Each sword is embellished in carved Japanese characters. The set is supplied with a superb black wooden display stand that is uniquely decorated with Japanese characters to complement the look and feel of the sword set. 

The set of Samurai swords consist of three different sizes of swords.


The Tanto sword is a short sword also used as a knife. The blade is single or double-edged having 11” of length. This sword was used for stabbing as well a sharing, and also used by women as a knife.


Wakizashi was also known as the little or companion sword, as Samurai wear this sword with Katana. This sword was used in close quarters. This sword was also considered a short sword.

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Bought my first Shirasaya Wooden Sword, it was a great experience, the shipping was fast and the product came on time. Would highly recommend this beautiful sword!! Thank YOu!!!!

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