"Prince Of Persia Sword"
  • "Prince Of Persia Sword"
  • "Sword of the Mighty Warrior"

Prince Of Persia Sword Replica

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Overall Length: 31.5"

Blade Length: 25 1/8

stainless steel blade.

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

4 1/8 in. blade at widest point.

Handle: 6 1/2 in

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The Sword of the Mighty Warrior, the amazing Prince Of Persia Sword replica is that the first of four weapons that might replace the Prince's Sword. It allows the Prince to interrupt cracked walls in three hits. Following a battle with a number of Sand Creatures inside the greater area of the Baths within the Palace of Azad. Taking the sword of the mighty warrior, the Prince goes back to the lower level of the bath and uses the sword to destroy the wall. Sword of the Mighty Warrior is an amazing high-quality Persian warrior sword. It's a metal sword with a steel guard and fittings. This Persian sword is made up of a heavy stainless steel blade with printed lettering along a real leather wrapped handle. You can also lookup for the stunning Medieval Chopper Sword constructed with great authenticate details.

Looks Amazing!!:

I am very pleased with the Sword of the Mighty Warrior. It looks amazing, lays greatly in my hand, the weight is nice, the details are beautiful and it fits perfectly in the sword sheath. Thankxx!!


This statue is really cool. It's heavy and detailed. It's much more representative.

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