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Blazefire Saber Lightning Gunblade FF13

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Weight: ~ 4.50 KG

Overall Length: ~ 115cm

The silver color coating on the blade

Blade Style: Curved with a single sharp edge

Comes with a scabbard and display stand. 

(Actual product may have slight variations from the stock images due to replica. )

More About: Blazefire Saber Lightning Gunblade FF13 Replica

Blazefire Saber is a non-functional gunblade, and is Lightning's signature weapon, induced with a bright red paint running along the blade and stunning silver color coating. It is her starting gunblade in FF13 and is wielded by her in most of her spin-off appearances as her primary weapon. Blazefire Saber Lightning Gunblade ff13 115 cm in length. This Well designed Blazefire sword has an overall weight of about 4.0 Kg and made for professional use. Its blade is curved, with a single, razor-sharp edge. However, the replica sword is not foldable as shown in the cover image. This sword comes with a scabbard and display stand. Our store is also selling other high-quality Final Fantasy Swords.

Spectacular Product!!!:

It's perfect Blazefire Saber Gunblade! Heavier than I expected, beautifully made, and the attention to detail is spectacular. Well packaged and quick shipping! Very very pleased with it, thank you so much! We will definitely be ordering again!

Gorgeous Sword!!!:

Gorgeous Blazefire saber sword !! Very well Suited for Display. Fast shipping with great quality. It was a gift, got it delivered to the office and I opened it there and everyone in the office was very impressed. Will recommend this perfect cosplay to those peoples who want to look like a game Leading Character.

Obviously Sharp!:

The blade is OBVIOUSLY sharp as this is a real weapon even if decorative. People shouldn't use real swords for plays or costumes unless they're false-edge blades that can only kill warm butter.

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