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DMC Rebellion Replica

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Blade Length: 30"

Handle : 14"

Blade Type: High-Quality Stainless Steel

Metal Cast Handle

Ornate Hilt Design

Free Display Stand

Free Mild leather Sheath

More About: DMC Rebellion Replica

The DMC Rebellion Sword is a massive sword equipped with a double-edged blade that is made with (FRP) Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic in 1:1 proportion. This Rebellion sword yields a blade that is uniquely notched on both sides near the tip of the sword that is 30 inches in length. It is featured with a 14'' metal cast handle having a comfortable and easy to hold grip. The pommel is an amazing single spike with a plain grip. It possesses a skeletal guard with a skull-headed design on each side. It comes along a stand for display. You can also purchase other swords from the DMC series like DMC Alastor Sword.

Detailed Product!!!:

I’m very very happy with this Rebellion sword product! The detail and the weight is perfect!! I cannot wait to give it to the person I ordered it for and they are gonna be ecstatic about it just like I am !!!!

Beautiful quality:

Beautiful quality. Purchased it as a gift and I was very happy with it. Now I want to keep it for myself.

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