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6 bladed Fusion Sword for sale
On sale!
  • 6 bladed Fusion Sword for sale
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Fusion Sword Replica

In Stock


Material: FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic)

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Proportion: 1:1

Total Length: 130cm, 52 inches approx.

Weight: 4 KG

More About: Fusion Sword:

The Fusion Sword Replica is a special 6 in 1 blade sword having 130cm length with 52 inches approximately that is featured in the great Final Fantasy series. This buster sword is made with fine FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) material that has impact resistance, strength, stiffness, flexibility, and ability to carry loads. This amazing First Tsurugi sword has a total number of about 6 blades that get them to lock together to form the great FF 13 Real 6 Blade Buster Sword, just as it was in the series. Each blade is featured with a great full tang and finely equipped with high carbon stainless steel material. The blade is featured as a non sharpen and decorative type material with a proportion of 1:1. This final fantasy fusion sword product is about 4 kg, formed in a manageable and ease of comfort manner.


Truly a great piece. I bought this Fusion Sword Replica for my son as a birthday present. I put in my order 4 days before the Birthday. (I know, way to be last minute).The Staff messaged me and let me know they upgraded my delivery to get it here on time out of the kindness of their heart! Craftmanship is awesome! The sword is amazing. My son LOVES it! It was absolutely perfect!!

Superb Reproduction!:

Amazing and realistic reproduction of The Great fusion sword replica.Beautiful!! The other swords I have, are looking like daggers now, Absolutely stunning. Very nice detailing. A must-have for any fan of the series.i would really buy one more.

Awesome packaging!:

This stunning fusion sword replica is well constructed and Thank you very much for your work! Good quality and awesome packaging, especially the description of weapon is in detail. Very fast delivery. It looks exactly like in the pictures! will definitely order more! :)

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