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"cloud first tsurugi"
On sale!
  • "cloud first tsurugi"
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  • First Tsurugi constructed with high quality stainless steel
  • First Tsurugi  with free dislay stand

First Tsurugi Sword

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Blade Length 43"

Handle Length: 17"

Blade width 8.5" 

Free Display Stand

Weight: 7/10 KG

High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

More About: First Tsurugi Sword

First Tsurugi, simply referred to as the "main blade".The sword is one of six that, when combined, create the "Fusion Sword". It's the first blade or main blade in a battle mode which Cloud holds in the Advent Children. This is one of the fusion Swords. It is considered the main blade as it is the base to which all the others attach to. It's a closed-form when used on its own. The Cloud holds the sword in its open form which can then attach the other fusion blades to it. The Blade Length of this Sword is 43” that is 8.5” in its width, constructed with high-Quality stainless steel. This beautifully designed sword has an overall weight of about 7.10kg. This First Tsurugi sword comes with a free display stand. Except for the First Tsurugi Sword, we also have various other swords from the Final Fantasy Series. Do visit our categories for other replica swords.

John M
Reliable product!!!:

I Love this Tsurugi Sword.super fast shipping and very reliable! this exceeded my expectations 100%! The handle is amazing to look at and to hold. Very heavy and feels like high quality and made very well.

Unique in Style!!!!!:

Such a unique Tsurugi product! I absolutely love this! I ordered them for dad's Birthday. I just know he’s going to love them!

really good!!:

It looks great. The first tsurugi sword is perfect for cosplayers to look like a game character. It’s a really good length, color and quite sturdy. As such it is of good quality and design. The sheath, for the sword, is nice as well. I would recommend this sword.

Excellent Craftsmanship!!:

This Tsurugi sword perfect for my cosplay. The product arrived quickly, safely, and exactly as described - thank you for the wonderful addition to my collection! Excellent craftsmanship for such a bargain price, I will definitely be stopping by this store again.

Well- Made!!:

Truly a great piece. I bought this Tsurugi Sword Replica for my son as a birthday present. I put in my order 4 days before the Birthday. (I know, way to be last minute).The Staff messaged me and let me know they upgraded my delivery to get it here on time out of the kindness of their heart! Craftmanship is awesome! The sword is amazing. My son LOVES it! It was absolutely perfect!!

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