"Medieval Archers Sword"
  • "Medieval Archers Sword"
  • "Archers sword"

Medieval Archers Sword

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Total length: 48"

Blade length: 38.5"

Blade width at base: 2"

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

comes with leather sheath

with a free display wall plaque

More about: Medieval Archers Sword

Archer Sword was designed in the 13th Century. At that time English Archers were some of the dangerous warriors of the Middle Ages, and their scary weapon – the English longbow – was a genius manufacturing. Later it was named Archer Sword. It was one of the great swords used by Templars. The history of the Templars seems to indicate that the Archer Sword was thrown into the river when the Order of the Temple was dissolved by Edward II in 1314. At the time, many Templars were executed or imprisoned, and in 1314 the Order's last grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, was burned at the stake. The embellishing of the pommel, with its decorative cross, was common among the Templars, giving a clear indication as to the origins of the sword. We offer a replica of the Archer sword crafted from 440 high carbon steel. The blade is perfectly polished and restrained to a Rockwell hardness of 53 having the length of 38.5”, while the total length of the sword is 48”.The handle is made up of wood which gives it a  perfect grip likewise the hilt is fitted with an iron pommel and crossguard. This sword comes with a leather sheath and a free wall plaque for display purposes. You will also love to buy our top-selling Practical Knightly Sword replica.


Amazing quality! I'm in love! I bought the Medieval Archers Sword and it's stunning! Fast delivery, always. This is my 2nd purchase and I'll be a customer forever!

Wonderful Addition to my Collection!!:

Great looking product, my son loves this rapier sword, the craftsmanship is awesome, Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to my doom collection!!


First off, arrived on time. Ok, OMGGG!!! These things are amazing!They feel great in the hand and the cosmetics are beautiful!

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