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Highlander sword

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Overall Length 34"

Blade length 27"

440 stainless steel

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

With leather sheath

With free display plaque

More about: Highlander Sword

Macleod means “son of Leod”. Connor Macleod was the younger son of King of Mann. Connor Macleod used only two swords in his life that’s a Scottish Longword named “The MacLeod claymore” and Ramirez’s Katana. This sword was given to Macloed by his friend Angus. Inspired from the movie Highlander, Highlander's sword is crafted after an early styled Scottish claymore broadsword. The total length of this Sword is 34 inches. The length of the blade is 27 inches that are double-edged, made with 440 stainless steel which is protective against frailty. The handle of this sword is made up of metal cloaked with leather which gives a comfortable grip to users. The crossguard is styled with deep detailing having the name of Macleod on it. This sword is the exact replica of the sword used in the movie Highland by Connor Macleod. This sword comes with a black custom sheath and a free stand that will make an excellent addition to your movie replica or Scottish collection. You may also want to buy our stunning Edward III Medieval Sword replica.

Great job!!:

I am amazed at the quality, details and feathers of the Highlander sword. The details are amazing for the overall size of the sword. It is absolutely amazing. I love it. Great job.!! will surely buy again!


My son did backflips when he got this sword yesterday. Very nice quality and beautiful to look at.

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