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Flamberge Rapier Sword

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Overall Length: 44"

Blade Length: 36.5"

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Handle: Wire Grip Surrounded By Twisted Steel Guard

Handle Material: Steel

With free display wall plaque

With custom leather sheath

More about: Kings Rapier Sword:

The Rapier sword namely the “Flamberge Sword”, “Wave Bladed Sword” or simply the “King Flame Bladed Rapier Sword” measures an overall length of about 44 inches. It is usually referred to as the Attacking sword, with a long and thinner blade, styled with a protective steel guard hilt which is made to provide protection to the hand of its user. Rapier sword originated in the 16th century mainly used in Western Europe has a two-edged sharp flame-like blade having 36.5 inches lengthy blade. It has a hard steel handle grip with numerous wires, surrounded by the twisted steel guard. This blade is famous for its Wave type blade which produces vibrations to the opponent when it comes in contact with another sword which is difficult to handle by the opponent. This Sword is made up of stainless steel and has the specifications of the original sword. This sword comes with a black custom sheath and a free stand for display purposes. You may also like to buy another King’s historic replicas like King Soloman Sword & the stunning King Arthur’s Excalibur Gold.

Exquisite Craftsmanship!:

Excellent quality! I am very pleased with Flamberge Rapier Sword detail and craftsmanship of all the pieces I purchased. Thank you for your attention to the details and exquisite craftsmanship!

Beautiful Wavy Blade!!:

Absolutely perfect for what I needed and overall the styling of this King Rapier Sword is very versatile with the wavy blade, so I expect to get good use out of it for the upcoming fests in the years to come!! Thanks.

Always Favorite:

I'm proud to show it off on display in my living room or den.

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