"Celtic Sword"
  • "Celtic Sword"
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Celtic Sword OF War

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Overall length 26"

Blade length 18"

Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

Handle length 5"

With free display wall plaque

More about: Celtic War Sword

The Celts were brave warriors, dating as early as 500 BC fighting with strength and fury. The Ancient Celts were known for their brutality in battle. The close combat Celtic sword of war was the chosen sword in battle, as it’s flared blade possessed a strong and deadly sharp edge that could be wielded quickly with great power. The solid brass hand-poured crescent moon guard and pommel reflect the Celts worship to the heavens. Ancient Celts forged their blades out of iron, this modern Celtic war sword has stainless steel 18” blade. The functional Celtic war sword has an overall length of 26-1/3” and possesses all the attributes needed for a true Celtic warrior to achieve glory and victory in battle! A heavy-duty leather sheath for the sword is included. You may also go for our special top-selling Viking Sword Replica for a great add on to your Medieval collection.