"The All New Robin Hood Sword"
  • "The All New Robin Hood Sword"
  • "Blade Robin Locksley"

The All New Robin Hood Sword

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Blade Type: Non-Sharp Decorative

leather sheath

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Robin of Locksley is the most famous exile of all times, to the reign of King Richard the Lionhearted. According to the most popular history, Robin Hood lived in the Sherwood forest together with its band of merry men becoming known for "robbing the rich and giving to the poor". The Robin Hood of Locksley Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain is a glorious piece having a custom-crafted hilt and a masterwork of color and decoration. We offer this sword having the specifications of the real. The blade is made of stainless steel with a length of 35.5” while the overall length is 45”.Many sword enthusiasts have the Robin Hood Sword as part of the exile and fantasy collection. The dimensions and weight are accurate on every piece so you get a medieval weapon that is actually balanced and fun to hold instead of just pretty to look at. After reading the features of the product if you want to buy this sword so place your order now. You can also purchase other weapons from the robin hood category like Robin Hood Sword.